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Building brands for long term growth

Not just investors, we are a team of entrepreneurs and operators, with extensive experience in growth marketing, ecommerce, brand building, and private equity. We buy ecommerce brands that have great products, a strong brand, and a passionate and loyal customer base. We then plug them into our shared services model and take them to the next level.

Best-in-class team of growth marketers, brand builders, logistics experts and much more

Extensive experience in opening new sales channels and markets, both online and offline, to super charge your brand's growth

Durable capital structure allows us to patiently grow brands for the long term

Flexible shared services model gives our brands the resources they need to succeed

We get to 'yes' faster than other investors

We don’t want to waste your time.  An acquisition process tends to be long and drawn out, both a source of frustration for you and your team.

Rather than a long and drawn out acquisition, we use our SOPHON data intelligence platform to fast forward the due diligence process. Our proprietary software takes the time and hassle out of data collection and analysis, giving us a 360° view of your company in days.

While we ultimately still need to perform confirmatory legal and financial due diligence, our software enables us to get to “yes” far quicker than other investors.

Our acquisition process

How does it work?


You get in touch with some basic information about your company such as your Shopify URL using our contact form

Within 1 day

We'll send you a link to authorise our SOPHON data intelligence platform with your Shopify and advertising accounts

Within 10 days

Our algorithm builds a 360° model of your company and we make you an offer

Within 45 days

Confirmatory financial/legal due diligence and cash settlement

It's your choice

We understand the hard work you've put into building something brilliant and want to ensure you get the value you deserve. You may be looking to take the next step in your life or invest in a new project . You may also feel that your brand has grown as much as it can on its own and could benefit from our shared services platform with your continued involvement.


Receive a fair and transparent offer for your company, sell to Zenudo Brands and be paid upfront. You can rest assured your brand is in skilled hands and good company for the next stage of its growth.


Partner with us to put your product and brand knowledge to work with our team of growth experts. Be rewarded through revenue share, ongoing equity, and a number of different partnership structures.

A shared services model to supercharge your existing team

Your brand doesn't need to scale alone

Building a team is one of the biggest headaches for growing brands – either you can’t find the right people, or you can’t afford them! Our shared services platform enables us to use best-in-class experts across each business function. Our team of experts will look to optimize your entire business, work with your existing team, and take your brand to the next level.

Areas of expertise and Teams to Take your brand to the next level

Growth Marketing

Amazon and other marketplaces

Accounting and Finance


Corporate and Legal

Communications and Community


Customer Service

International Expansion

Demand Planning


Product Sourcing

Our tech-enabled approach to growth

We execute an agile approach to grow your brand in the most effective way possible. 

Young brands are in a constant struggle fighting daily fires and this generally means they are “leaving money on the table.”

With our SOPHON data intelligence platform, we have built proprietary technology that connects to the top ecommerce and marketing platforms allowing us to make smarter, better, and faster decisions.

Combining this tech with our digital retail expertise, we unlock new opportunities in growth marketing, media mix modelling, agile merchandising, financial planning and working capital cycle improvement, and supply chain management.

Who we are


Jake Astor

Jake is a consumer private equity specialist who has led/co-led numerous investments (Growth, LBO/MBOs) in the consumer space in Europe and Asia. Previously with Cassia Investments, he specializes in due diligence, deal structuring, building management teams and financial management, and he has extensive board level and leadership experience. Additionally, Jake has been a partner at Lance EC, an ecommerce enablement company specializing in bringing western brands into China. Most recently, Jake set up Zenudo, a marketing SaaS company that helps consumer companies grow through better use of their data, and Zen Due Diligence, a services company that helps PE/VC investors execute faster and better digital due diligence. Jake has an MBA(Finance) from The Wharton School and a BA(Hons) from the University of Oxford


Alec Goins

Alec is a marketing and retail leader with extensive experience building and growing digital businesses and teams for global brands, most notably for Pandora Jewellery. Working across multiple global markets, he has launched and grown D2C stores and marketplaces with high performing teams. With a focus on improving media effectiveness and brand relevancy, he has led multiple successful market entry and turnaround projects that have resulted in growth and strengthened commercial execution. Most recently, Alec was also involved in setting up Zenudo, a marketing SaaS company that helps consumer companies grow through better use of their data, and Zen Due Diligence, a services company that helps PE/VC investors execute faster and better digital due diligence.

Unlock the value from your hard work

We'd love to hear about your brand. Start by giving us some basic information about your company and we'll get back to you with next steps.


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